Oil Tasting – castello di Baccaresca

To taste olive oil, excellent product of the Italian gastronomic tradition and in particular of the Umbria region, where the Baccaresca Castle is located, it is not necessary to be professional tasters, but lovers of genuine flavors and eager to discover always new.

It is necessary to pour a small quantity of this precious extract into a small slightly heated glass, cover it for a few moments with the palm of your hand and turn it gently to allow it to release all its aromas which, subsequently, will be perceptible to your sense of smell which will perceive every aroma note .

Then, once brought to the mouth and left for a few moments in contact with the taste buds, it will transfer on them its fruity or herbaceous characteristics, the more or less evident floral aromas, the spicy, pungent or bitter taste more or less intense and persistent.

Every taste is a ritual that has been handed down for a very long time and that aims, through experimentation, to discover new culinary combinations as in the case of our flavored olive oils, which represent the perfect result obtained through the synergy between tradition and innovation: this is the reason why, the flavored one with white truffle, will exalt the taste of risottos, eggs, salads and meat and fish carpaccio, while the one with white truffle will make superb every recipe based on pasta, bruschetta and meat cuts beef.

The quality of extra virgin olive oil, when  meets with the genuine taste of oregano, creates a high quality product, ideal for dressing especially mozzarella, tomatoes and pizza.

The perfumes, then, will mix with each other generating, as in an alchemical experience, a unique but repeatable result every time you will pour a few drops of oil on your dishes: mastering with ease the past time and the future in a single, and italian, dish.

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