Wine Tasting at Castello di Baccaresca

There are precise gestures to open a bottle of wine from the Castello di Baccaresca cellar, as well as the right time to let it’s precious contain breathe, before serving it: and only when those gestures and times will have been completed and passed, will be time to decant it, pour it in a crystal goblet, and serve it.

The transparency of the glass will then reveal its clarity and color, which in Italian white wines can take on shades of green, gold or amber depending on the grape variety and degree of ripeness.

The noble red will instead show its orange, purple or ruby ​​shades that will enchant the eye while observing the glass through to a light source: a prelude to the second passage of the tasting which is the olfactory examination of the wine.Getting as close as possible to the content, it will be possible to capture all the aromas released by it: fruity, ethereal, floral, etc., in an infinite possibility of references with respect to what our memory, of certain smells, still retains: the scent of a red berry fruit, of a white flower, of a spice …

And then the first taste, letting the wine remain in the mouth for a few moments before swallowing it and allowing the sensory organs, assigned to the taste, to record every single taste:  the sugar of the ripe grapes and their fermentation, of the alcohol and its gradation, tannins and mineral salts absorbed by the vineyard through the land that hosted it.

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