Truffle Hunting at Castello di Baccaresca

Going out at the first light of dawn to penetrate, through the narrow lanes of the estate surrounding the Baccaresca Castle, in forests of secular oaks and beeches, together with the expert hunter of truffle hunting and his Lagotto breed dog, is the prelude to an almost mystical experience.
The silence interrupted by the sound of footsteps, the scents of wild herbs growing on the edge of the path, the chirping of birds that seem to follow you curious.
Meanwhile, the dog sniffs the ground in search of the precious mushroom and when he is sure he has found it he begins to dig frantically with his paws: it is at that precise moment that his master distracts him from research, offering him his deserved reward.
Now it is man who completes the work by extracting his precious fruit from the damp earth to deliver it to the hands of those who, with equal wisdom, will make it a tasty dish.

Hunting of black summer truffles: from the last Sunday of May to 31 August

Wellness weekend

Monte Cucco Regional Park

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