Cooking Class at Castello di Baccaresca

The gestures of our times, perfectly articulated to reconstruct, as in a work of art, a set of colors, flavors and aromas typical of the Italian culinary tradition.
The time to mix one ingredient with another and then discover that another is needed, and then another until it reaches perfection: first admire it with your eyes and then taste.
From the simplicity of a land like Umbria, the green heart of Italy, the best raw materials are born, wisely used to give life to sensory experiences that would remain unique and unrepeatable, if not handed down by our Chefs.
A little extra baggage to add to the one you arrived with, which will not only be a culinary recipe, perhaps written on a dirty paper ragout or soaked by the smell of a cake, but the indelible memory of a Castle and its taste, as well as its refined welcome.
Something that will still stay.

Our Restaurant – Locanda of Baccaresca’s Castle

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