Yoga Session at Castello di Baccaresca

The practice generally lasts 1 hour and 15min during which a dynamic sequence of asanas (postures) and a deep and rhythmic breathing are performed. This synchronized combination of movement and breath creates the conditions for a significant increase of Prana (vital energy) and a gradual removal of muscular tensions which in turn are an expression of energetic and emotional stagnation. A constant practice of this type has profound repercussions on the physical plane, with a significant toning of the muscles, on our nervous system, with a substantial improvement of all the vital functions, and on the emotional level, with an increase in our ability to control emotions and a renewed mental clarity. A constant practice helps fighting stress and depression thus creating the conditions for a more harmonious, dynamic and rich existence and a state of total well-being. For the practice we need a yoga mat and comfortable clothes.

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